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About Olga and Shadow art Photo, LLC

Some people can pick up anything, try it once, and make it seem effortless – like they were born for that one thing. Others become great because they have the determination to work and practice until they get it right, and they remain unphased by "learning curves." But rare is the person that is a combination of the two, and you have raw talent coupled with a drive to get the best possible shot: and that best sums up not only Olga as a photographer, but as a person. It is "who she is."

In my 25 years as a graphic and digital media designer and Creative Director, I am well aware of how difficult it is to find high-quality photos and how truly valuable a good shot can be. One of her clients told me they prefer Olga because "She is so great at capturing people's moods and expressions." And I think it's important to note that whether she is photographing a baby snow leopard for the Zoological Society of Milwaukee, or organizing family members for wedding party photographs, or even shooting industrial grinders and axle housings, her artistic touch is always present.

While working with her regular cleints, Olga is always looking for new opportunities and clients. Please contact her if you would like to schedule a photo shoot, and while you're here visiting the site, enjoy the picture galleries!